About Us

OVER Expectations & UNDER Budget”

At Over & Under Steel and Rigging, we pride ourselves on:

  • Providing the highest quality product through unmatched precision and dedication.
  • Exceptional professionalism and customer service skills come standard with each project.

CLICK HERE to visit our leadership page for more information on our President, Mr. Jason D. France and our Vice President, Mr. Tom Sherred Jr.

Over & Under Steel and Rigging:

  • Employs the SAFEST and highly skilled workforce out of:
    • Ironworkers Local 3 (Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Ironworkers Local 207 (Youngstown, OH)
    • Ironworkers Local 549 (Wheeling, WV)
  • Collaborate with the locals to not only bid your projects, but to also help pre-plan to better understand cost and scheduling factors prior to breaking ground
  • We work hand in hand with the general contractors, owners, and other stakeholders to mobilize and erect projects in the SAFEST, time efficient, and cost-effective manner
  • Over & Under makes safety a top priority on all projects, often going beyond the requirements of general contractors and OSHA. We do this to ensure a workforce that is ready to meet your deadlines without the potential for lost work hours.
  • We understand that you are trusting us with your project and reputation so by choosing Over & Under Steel and Rigging shows you value quality, communication, and SAFETY at a price point our competitors cannot match.

Since 2013, our Standards of Procedure (SOPs) have been continuously refined based on lessons learned from each project, demonstrating Over & Under’s desire to meet complex and emerging customer requirements.

We consider a project a success ONLY if our customer is satisfied and all our employees return safely to their homes, ready for the next challenge.